Tapri Sentosa Ltd. is a group member of PT Rejeki Sentosa Shipping , an Indonesian based shipping company, established since 1981. Based on our good reputation in service, several factory request 'Door to Door' services. Providing a higher service level in mind, we take the challange and moving forward.
Year 1981
PT Tapri Sentosa was established as domestic sea forwarder, under license N XXVII-105 DAL150 to provide a better service to client. The business soon move towards to international based operation, where our company has been appointed by several foreign company as their agent. Towards excellence in services, we are always looking for agents to cooperate with us.
Year 1988
the company change its license to International Freight Forwarder (Multi Moda Transporter), and under this license our companyprovide cargo service not only by sea, as with air and land as well.
Year 1996
realizing the importance of insurance in freight forwarding business, the company acquired authorized agency from Jasindo, Jasa Asuransi Indonesia, which provides higher service and secured logistic management to the customer.
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